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LEGACY Ladies :)


the fundamental roots that competitive cheerleading was built upon so we can bypass cheerlebrity status and promoted athletes and get back to clean, difficult routines

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Anonymous said: is this mila?

yes this is mila kunis…

how’d you know?


Anonymous said: should coaches put small girls up as flyers or girls that are flexible and can actually hold the stunts?

well, that all depends on what the best options are.

if you have 4 stunt groups and only 2 flyers that are “flexible and can actually hold the stunts” then they’re obviously gonna get to fly while the other 2 stunt groups may get put with less experienced flyers. 

not every team is going to have an excess of amazingly talented flyers, or bases or backs for that matter, so yes some girls will end up being in the air simply because they are small, especially as you get older.

4’10, 96 lbs on a team with everyone over 5’2 there’s a darn good chance you’re goin in the air at some point, super talented/flexiable/etc or not


Anonymous said: what do you use to make gifs?

photoshop like cs5 or something, any photoshop with the animation feature shall do


“caitlynkrulee: once you go black you never go back #junglefever #calilove #hesperf”